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Technical ship management and crewing

“TechnoTeamMarine” is the highly professional company which specializes in ship technical management.

“TechnoTeamMarine” was established at Saint-Petersburg in 2011 by recruiting the technical experts and personnel from “MurmanTransFleet” – one of the largest freezer fleet Shipowners.

  • «La Manche» – transport freezer owned by Norwegian principal (deadweight 13.223 t, capacity 558.000 cubic feet),
  • «Varyag» – ferry (deadweight 4.961 t, LOA 114,80 m).

Company’s policy is to keep trouble-free and safe operations of vessels at the level of International standards stipulated by ISM Code, ISPS and International conventions.
At rendering the services in ship technical management, “TechnoTeamMarine” is focused on optimization of the Shipowners’ expenses related to maintenance and operations of vessels provided that all the requirements for the vessels produced by the International conventions and regulations of the Classification Societies are met and trouble-free vessels’ functioning is ensured.
As the Technical Manager, “TechnoTeamMarine” supplies the following scope of services:

  • Technical support and maintenance of vessels;
  • Ensuring of safe operations of vessels;
  • Crew Management;
  • Supplying with spare parts, provisions and ship/technical stores;
  • Accounting.



One of the fundamental areas where the Shipowners are provided with the optimum operations of vessels in the technical and economical aspects is the technical support and maintenance of vessels
performed by “TechnoTeamMarine” company.

 Within the framework of technical support and maintenance of vessels, “TechnoTeamMarine” carry out continuous monitoring of the technical condition of vessels, proper work of all units and

mechanisms and their timely servicing;
routinely inspect vessels in ports worldwide;
instruct deck and engine officers prior to voyage commencement, supervise their performance
during the voyage, provide the crews with online-consultations on technical issues;
arrange prompt supplying the vessels with spare parts and ship stores;
arrange pre-voyage repairs of all the ship mechanisms, organize and supervise class
and intermediate dock repairs of vessels, prepare and present vessels to any
Classification Society for purposes of annual survey and other inspections.

As the Technical Manager, “TechnoTeamMarine” company actively cooperates with Classification
Societies – IACS members:

RMRS / Russian Maritime Register of Shipping;
BV / Bureau Veritas;
GL / Germanischer Lloyd;

The Technical Management of vessels provided by “TechnoTeamMarine” company allows to optimize the Shipowners expenses because of:

• Tender basis of supplying the vessels with spare parts and ship stores as well as of choosing shore workshops to do repairs;
• Continuous consultations with Classification societies as regards requirements to be met and volumes of works needed to be arranged;
• Forming and hiring of the seamen gangs to do repair works while staying at the port or at the dry dock;
• Following up and decreasing of dock repairs time owing to steady relations with the shipyards;
• Implementation of procedure of vessels continuous survey by the senior mechanical engineers the authorized representatives certified by the Classification Societies.

Prevention of the emergency situations at sea is ensured by the accurate work of the safety management system, periodic and well-timed preparation and presentation of vessels to Classification Societies, Flag
State Administrations within any scope required including ISM Code and ISPS.


“TechnoTeamMarine” operator division realize timely delivery of maintenance supplies and spare parts on board the vessels in all the ports worldwide. The department is manned with the high-class specialists who nominate the agents at any port worldwide as well as arrange delivery of provisions, luboils, marine chemicals and ship supplies according to vessel masters’ requisitions. The operators organize the most cost-effective solutions for delivery of spare parts from manufacturers to the ports of vessel call.

Fundamentally, “TechnoTeamMarine” activity on supplying the vessels with spare parts and ship stores is based on the following principles:
• planning of maintenance supplies delivery including optimum geographic distribution of deliveries;
• analysis of ship requisitions reasonableness;
• tender basis of the purchasing process.
The policy of supplying the vessels with spare parts and ship stores adopted by “TechnoTeamMarine” company is one of resources to optimize Shipowners’ expenses related to the vessel maintenance and operations.
Well-organized work and logistics efficiency are the guarantee of the good operating conditions of vessels, timely implementation of voyage instructions and meeting the Shipowners’ interests.

Within the framework of maintaining the effective standards of navigation safety on board the vessels under “TechnoTeamMarine” Technical Management the following tasks in behalf of the Shipowners are fulfilled by the company:

• coordinating the interaction of the Shipowners and Flag State Administrations on all the matters including reflagging, execution of temporary and permanent documents, issuance of fishing licenses;
• work with the port authorities, port inspectorate, PSC, USCG, FSC as regards elimination of the remarks which were imposed while their inspecting the vessels;
• supervising the organization of radio communication to provide navigation safety and operative control of the fleet; adoption of modern communication equipment on board the vessels to decrease the communication expenses;
• presentation of the ship Conventional to Classification Societies at surveys carried out;
• internal and all-round checks of vessels for their conformity to ISM Code and ISPS requirements;
• presentation of vessels for their conformity to ISM Code and ISPS requirements at surveys carried out;
• interaction with Flag State Administrations and authorized organizations as regards supervision on trouble-free functioning of the monitoring system control equipment, long-range detection systems, ship security systems. 


One of the most important components of the Technical Management is Crew Management.
“TechnoTeamMarine” structure includes Crewing Division, which recruit and change crews on board the vessels under company’s Technical Management. Close cooperation and coordination between Technical Management and Crewing Divisions is aimed at improvement of qualification of the crews Carrying out selection and placing of the qualified and professionally trained shipboard crews, “TechnoTeamMarine” company: possess its own seamen data base which includes seafarers of various specialties and allows to efficiently man professional crews; are focused on attraction of the Russian seamen on vessels under company’s Technical Management that allows to carry out not only servicing but also repairs of vessel mechanisms during the voyage.


The major task of “TechnoTeamMarine” company is ensuring of trouble-free and safe vessel operations within the budget approved by the Shipowners. Within the framework of this task implementation “TechnoTeamMarine” carries out:
annual, quarterly and monthly planning of the Shipowners’
expenses on the vessel maintenance and operation;
monitoring and recording of the ship expenses;
reporting to the Shipowners;
according to the agreement with Shipowners, coordination of all purchasing orders.


Pursuant to the above we would like to offer you cooperation in respect of vessels maintenance servicing. We are able to carry out full package of maintenance servicing, repairs of the hull, of all the ship units and mechanisms, of the navigational aids solely by “TechnoTeamMarine” technical experts’ efforts.

The extensive experience in dock and other repairs of vessels which are under “TechnoTeamMarine” Technical Management at the different shipyards allows us to be confident that we are able to provide any repairs or docking of any vessel in any volume at any shipyard and under the supervision of any Classification Society. We can man organization, supervision and control over carrying out of all the works with high-class technicians that guarantees high quality of repairs as well as the control over the costs. The place of docking and repairs may be any convenient port at any region worldwide.

Brokerage and insurance services


Our Сompany has become one of the leading Russian law firms specialize in sea and commercial law for more than ten years of the existence.

Experts of Law firm “JURINFLOT-Saint-Petersburg” render a legal aid on a wide spectrum of commercial transactions: investments, taxation and another. They rely on sufficient experience of international business transaction, international private and public law knowledge and many business connections in Russia and worldwide.

The firm was established in 1998 and carried out activity of a legal aid in questions of sea navigation and foreign trades and transformed in 2003 to law firm according to the law «About lawyer activity and legal profession in the Russian Federation».
One of the main areas of activity of our company is legal settlement of the relations arising at realization of actions in the field of trading navigation.
We have stored essential experience and effective practice of legal support of activity of the companies which work in sea business during existence of our company.
Law firm “JURINFLOT-Saint-Petersburg” realizes preventive (“proactive”) measures on behalf of clients. These measures except or minimize of the possible risks which are inherent in the sea navigation. We serve as well legal protection and support at a stage after actual occurrence of conflicts of the interests resulting professional actions in the field of sea navigation. Law firm “JURINFLOT-Saint-Petersburg” provides the legal services in the field of customs registration of operations with sea crafts and cargoes.

We closely and fruitfully cooperate with the leading insurance companies rendering services of sea insurance. We’ve elaborated and gained extensive experience of successful practice of assistance to insurance of sea crafts and cargoes. We are ready to effective and qualified render legal support as the consultation of insurance events. We can offer appropriate timely actions of insured accident.

Experts of Law firm “JURINFLOT-Saint-Petersburg” carry out official representation of clients in Arbitration courts of the Russian Federation, Marine arbitration board of Chamber of Commerce, International Commercial Arbitration Court, and regular courts for many years already. We always first of all aspire to pre-judicial settlement. It means economy of time and means of the clients which they have to spend on possible further proceeding.

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